Wildlife Park 3 Banner

Wildlife Park 3 Banner

Wildlife Park 3
is the 3rd game of the Wildlife Park series and will be released during the first Quarter of 2011.


  • Thrilling campaigns with 20 missions around the globe
  • Free play on 20 selectable maps with additionally generated mini-quests
  • 25 different animal species with the relevant baby animal models
  • Incredibly realistic representations of animals using parametrically "defined" fur shader technology
  • Individual animals and animal families using a generic animal customization system
  • 40 types of plants from around the world
  • 200 decorative park elements
  • 60 types of enclosure equipment with fun items to use for play and climbing
  • Realistic animal behavior that shows the social life, sex life, births and aggressive behavior of each species
  • Extensive lexicon with lots of useful information on the various animal and plant species

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